HFCC and World Radio Conference 2007

The HFCC association is a sector member of the International Telecommunication Union in the category of Regional and other International Organisations. It has been invited to the incoming World Radio Conference 2007 as an observer. The HFCC has registered for this event and used its right to submit directly to the conference an information paper relating to the HF broadcasting service.

The document concentrates in particular on the agenda item 1.13 of the WRC-07 that should review the allocations to all services in the HF bands between 4 MHz and 10 MHz, excluding those allocations to services in the frequency range 7 000-7 200 kHz, taking account of the impact of new modulation techniques, adaptive control techniques and the spectrum requirements for HF broadcasting.

The HFCC has contributed to the studies on this WRC-07 Agenda Item during meetings of specialised working groups in the effort to reach a generally acceptable solution. In particular it has analysed a series of thirteen global operational seasonal HF broadcasting schedules that the HFCC has managed and kept since 2000 to determine the need for additional spectrum for the broadcasting service. The document based on these revised HFBC statistics has just been sent to the ITU.

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