Second International Broadcasting Technical Specialised Meeting

Technical Department of the European Broadcasting Union is holding an International Broadcasting Technical Specialised Meeting on 25th April 2007.

The one day seminar chaired by Daniel Bochent, TDF, is about delivery methods for International Broadcasting and about their ongoing, foreseen and possibly unforeseen evolution. Its target audience is the technical and management staff from EBU members, and also from other organizations which are or intend to become international broadcasters. The primary thrust will be Radio and in particular AM radio, especially HF. The seminar is in three parts:

The first will cover evolution in regulatory matters concerned with HF as it is reflected in the creation of the the HFCC and its role in establishing global co-ordination of international broadcasting on shortwaves. Horst Scholz, Deutsche Welle, Deputy Chairman of the HFCC will take up this agenda item. Statistics of HF transmissions and the related coordination activities will be addressed in this first part of the meeting by Geoff Spells, VT Communications, another member of the Steering Board of the HFCC, particularly in connection with the World Radio Communication Conference to be held in October 2007. The intentions of the broadcasters in terms of future use of the frequencies and expectations from WRC-07 regarding the possible additional spectrum for HF broadcasting will be covered by Sami Walid of the EBU headquarters and Jan Verdjuin, Radio Nederland.

The second part of the meeting will concentrate on DRM broadcasting in the HF and MF part of the spectrum, the availability of digital receivers and their performance, and also on the emerging interference to shortwave and medium wave broadcasting from PLT. The seminar will be concluded by a review of means of programme delivery alternative to HF broadcasting: Internet radio, podcasting, satellite radio and TV. International audience surveys and penetration rate of given delivery platforms will be also under scrutiny.

The programme of the specialised meeting as well as registration forms can be accessed from the page of the EBU at: