From:  "Oldrich Cip"
Subject:  A12 Conference Item
Date:  27 December 2011, 9:34
Copy:  "Ahmed Nadeem", "Bahadir", "sharad Sadhu"

Dear Colleagues

We are in touch with our ABU and ASBU colleagues on the A12 Conference

Kuala Lumpur conference is going to be another important global shortwave
co-ordination event. At the same time we would like to carry on the debate
on the broadening of our activity in the field of content distribution of
international broadcasting.

We have proposed that this item will be on the conference programme on the
Thursday afternoon prior to the Plenary Meeting. Information about
developments in member organisations and any suggestions on how to adjust
our future work could provide a suitable introduction to this part of the
conference programme.


Oldrich Cip
Chairman, HFCC
+420 910110774
ociphfcc dot org